Special 45 Minute Live Workshop

How to Buy Your First Rental Property-A Blueprint for Financial Freedom

Undoubtedly when you start to learn about investing in rental property you will feel overwhelmed.  There's so much to learn, not to mention the fact that you are taking the headshotfuture of your finances into your hands.  Yes, this is intimidating; however, it can be liberating to know that you finally have some control over what your money can do for you.

But so many rookie investors get started and find themselves halting dead in their tracks because they can't find the time to put toward learning all of the necessary components that make investors successful.

We streamline the process of finding that first property and show you what you need to do to acquire it so that your money can start working for you.

In the live workshop we'll cover:

  • How rental property can build long term wealth
  • The tangible nature of investing in rental property
  • The control you gain when you take investing into your own hands
  • The idea that real estate can be a less risky investment
  • How you can earn cash each month
  • The steps you must take to acquire your first property

Once you understand the financial gain investing in rental property can be for you, you'll learn that it's nothing more than a game of numbers.  Through our proven process, you'll finally have the confidence to go out and buy that first property.

See you there!

Emily Du Plessis